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Banned from Equestria

Why is Banned from Equestria | 2020

So, after the office holiday, I got home quickly turned on my laptop, and started banned from equestrian. I think God created me for this, but this is nonsense, everything seems pointless. It seems to be a strange kind of barley game in the My Little Pony universe, full of curiosity and opening the closed doors of the mind. It seems like a magical world, you just have to try once to fully understand it.

The protagonist of this story meets a character named Trixie who takes her to the land of My Little Ponies. Do you think that after Equestria is banned, you will try to have sex with as many ponies as you want, but it could also be My Little Pony [story character] for which you have a longing in your heart? Let me tell you – it is a death knell for you.

The art style chosen for this is the type of nuts. The whole of the banned from Equestria looks like it was made by Microsoft Paint leaving all the work behind and I mean in a positive way. It makes the whole thing look so rough and sharp, but it also has a sense of style that makes it very different from many other games. The gamer gets lost as if he is the main character in the game.

The animation is great, but what I think is going to be a deal-breaker for you guys is pornography whose addiction is slowly starting to ruin you. I’m probably the least amazing person, but the game startled me. If you ever want to see what my little pony is down to, this is the game for you. The sex scenes in this game don’t go away and I found myself saying this over and over again.

The style of art with the forbidden gameplay from banned from Equestria looks like the kind of games we play in school when we get “computer time”. It is best described as a game point and click style. You have different objects that you can click to interact with characters, scenes, objects, etc. Some screens will also have arrows that will let you move to a new area.


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