which foods you can eat a lot of and still not gain Weight | 2022

which foods you can eat a lot of and still not gain Weight | 2022

We are sure that you are concerned about your fitness and healthy body weight. This is an important thing in life, so never forget about it! It’s more than just your physical look. Whether you were struggling with weight loss or excess fat accumulation, we understand the challenges of losing unwanted fat from one’s body. There was a study conducted by Professor Karen Reid, Director of the Weight Management Clinic at Monash University, Melbourne confirming that regular intake of particular foods can not only contribute to permanent weight loss but also help to maintain one’s ideal body weight in a long-term perspective.


Celery stems contain more water than any other part of the celery plant except the leaves. For this reason, celery stems are a powerful organic diuretic that protects against heart and kidney disease as well as rheumatoid arthritis. Celery also contains a large amount of vitamin K, which is essential for maintaining good eyesight. Therefore, they poison the body and accelerate the process of weight loss.

Apples and plums

Apples are a healthy fruit that is rich in vitamins. Also, it contains potassium and so helps you to maintain digestive balance. Moreover, the calorie count in an apple is 50 calories only. Plums are very helpful in cutting down weight due to the presence of calcium and other compounds in them that help burn fat at the cellular level.

If you eat boiled eggs every morning, you’ll be less likely to gain weight.

Melon and watermelon

A slice of these fruits contains 70 calories, and 100 grams are enough to cleanse your body. Their influence is especially favorable for people suffering from edema or obesity.


Cucumbers are a must-have if you’re counting calories and want to lose weight as they help burn fat. A diet that’s low in calories will suppress any hunger pangs and reduce the chances of overeating.

Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli

These veggies are rich in nutrients like vitamins A and C, which help the body harness the power of iodine by assisting your thyroid gland.


Eggplant is subject to many different health benefits. For example, eggplant contains a lot of fiber which helps your body to stay hydrated as well as maintain an appropriate level of cholesterol in the blood.



Lettuce is one of the most overlooked leafy greens. It has such a mild flavor that people seem to forget about it in comparison to its taste buds tingling cousins kale and swiss chard. However, lettuce can be a super powerhouse when it comes to nutrients from vitamin A and K to zinc, copper, manganese, and folic acid. Science shows us that there is no more than ten percent chance of contracting cancer when consuming ample amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables daily which are key ingredients in any healthy salad.

Lettuce is a green, leafy vegetable packed full of vitamins and minerals. In fact, lettuce can help boost your immune system because it’s high in vitamin C. A typical salad will provide you with just a small serving of this veggie and is low in both caloric intake and in the fat count.


This vegetable is incredibly low in energy and yet it’s actually a very good nutrient. The portion contains 40 calories, lots of nutrients, and the least possible amount of fats and carbs.


Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to make hormones that regulate metabolism, and red marine algae have a high concentration of iodine because sea algae use it for photosynthesis. If an individual doesn’t get enough iodine in their diet, they could suffer from low thyroid function which can lead to weight gain. Iodine is found in seafood and make sure you are getting enough red marine algae because they provide a healthy dose of iodine.


Did you know that the recommended daily caloric intake for individuals is 2000 in general, but 1500 for women and 2500 men. But wait – popcorn can be made to order at home with no butter or salt! Presto! Just don’t forget to read the labels on pre-packaged microwave popcorn before buying. One cup of unbuttered, unsalted popcorn yields about 150 calories. Try it for yourself!


If you are overweight, there is a high probability that you have digestive issues. Zucchini can help with this. They have fiber and polyphenols which function as antioxidants and help to regulate blood sugar levels. Since zucchini only has 42 kilocalories per 100 gram portion, they are very low in calories and you can eat even more of them without worrying about gaining weight!


According to Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture and the UH Cooperative Extension Service, the enzyme bromelain in pineapples can support weight loss.

Strawberry and Cranberry

Strawberries are marvelous fruit, filled to the rim with an array of vitamins necessary for human well-being. Strawberries boost digestion and help to strengthen your body’s immune system – and not just that, strawberries also have a marvelous detoxifying effect on the body.


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