How to Sell What Makes A Good Website Design 2021

How to Sell What Makes A Good Website Design 2021

A WEBSITE BY DEFINITION is a collection of interconnected Internet pages and files that are published on the Internet. The main role of this Internet directory is to cultivate an online presence and cultivate leads (and in targeted markets, sales leads) for your business enterprise. Of utmost importance when designing a website is how it will eventually be used by its intended audience.

And because every business requires an individually unique approach to engaging prospective customers, several factors such as aesthetics, consistency, pagination, typography, imagery, and functionality all contribute to creating a well-known and trusted brand in your respective industry. Therefore one must include specific elements necessary in establishing trust and credibility when building or improving their overall online presence.”

The purpose of the website

There are many reasons why users visit websites as it is. Choosing a niche as your niche may not always be as clear-cut as we think it is, but with some research and patience, we can come to the conclusion that we’ll attract the type of audience we want. That’s why it’s crucial to re-evaluate your website and see what path you want your business and/or website to follow so you know where to focus on for example – SEO or Facebook advertising or just making stock photos available to download for free with an option to purchase more in higher resolution.

Your website does not have to be user-friendly, and allowing visitors to understand your products and services will help you get more business. What is the purpose of making your website??

Are you giving out information like related ‘how-to’ guides? Is it a news website like sports coverage or are you selling a product directly to the customer? There are many different purposes that websites may have but having the ability for users to feel at ease when visiting each page is vital for you getting more traffic on your site and therefore leading to more sales!

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Home page Colors

Color has the power to take your audience to another world. Nowadays it is even possible to use colors in order to drive the right behavior of users pertaining to your brand. Following are five areas where you can use color better in your designs. Complementary colors are very useful when it comes down to helping users understand things quickly and intuitively, so try and limit yourself to no more than six or seven different colors in any given design/layout.

Your choices of color should be cohesive and not jarring, so avoid clashing color combinations such as selecting a bright green alongside a deep purple for example! The overall feeling you create will help your audience know what they can expect from you and if everything has been explained clearly enough that they don’t get confused or overwhelmed, then this is a good indication that you might have struck gold!


Typography is an art that can help enhance the design of your website, so it’s important to select typefaces that are pleasing to the eye. It should be legible and only use a maximum of 3 different fonts


Like imagery, each and every visual aspect used within communications such as still photography, illustration, video, and graphics should be expressive and capture the spirit of the company as well as act as an embodiment of their brand personality. However it is important that these different forms of visual media are considered in your company’s content marketing strategy.

Because like we explained above, much like a first impression in which one makes a decision about someone without knowing them: not knowing a lot about a company or its products can make you assume certain things or reach conclusions based on how professional the visuals used to represent them make people look;

For example, if your business has a website it’s even more important that you have good quality images on there! In fact, it’s imperative that companies take advantage of this method of communication by incorporating different forms of imagery into their content strategy.

Simple Is the Best

A website that attempts to do everything for everyone is likely to disappoint most of the people using it. If your internet page is too busy with too many section headers, images, or other design features which are not related directly to their content, chances are high that they will make visitors feel exhausted because of information overload.

Try to present your information in a clean and fresh way so that it can be easily accessed by users, this will not only make the webpage look attractive but also help your visitor to move from one web page to another seamlessly. Loading an overly designed website may turn out to be frustrating for the user because of the chaos pervading it.

Mobile Compatibility

Taking these technological advancements into consideration, your web design must work effectively on various screen sizes. If your website is not responsive for all screen sizes, then the chance of losing the battle to your competitors goes up. There are a number of services from any point in the world that will turn your desktop design into a responsive and adaptive one for all screen sizes, allowing you to showcase whether its contemporary design or maybe a clean layout that is most important when deciding whether visitors to your website stay or leave.

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