Very Useful Information to Know the Weird Piercings | 2021

Very Useful Information to Know the Weird Piercings | 2021

Piercing is fast becoming a new trend nowadays and people like to pierce to improve their shape. In fact, it is quite dangerous. Weird piercings on the nose and weird piercings on the ears is a strange fashion that is gaining popularity with every changing day because men and women all emphasize the beauty of the relevant parts of the body and They look great on the wearer.

However, there are some weird holes that are not only weird but can also be painful in some cases. Located in strange parts of the body, these weird piercings are very strange and most people will be able to understand them.

Piercings the Bridge of the Nose

Nose piercing is fast becoming a new trend. These are really weird holes because they are located between the eyes on the thin skin on the bridge of the nose. A nose piercing procedure costs about ً 30- 60$, and the price depends on the location, the studio, and the type of jewelry you choose. The experience of your piercer can also affect the cost.

Piercing the bridge of the nose is easy and often painless. The piercer closes the nose which lifts the skin on the bridge and inserts the needle. Due to the large piercing location, many people believe that the hole is made of bone. However, the piercing is located on the thin skin above the bone, which is as painful as a single injection which makes it a relatively painless hole.

This weird hole takes about 10 to 12 weeks to heal. However, you should continue with your piercing jewelry for about 12 weeks to make sure the bridge hole is completely healed.

Piercings that cover all faces

The piercings that cover almost all faces are, in fact, one of the strangest piercings ever to exist. These strange holes are a group of many different holes. Included Eye Piercing, Anti Eyebrow Piercing, Bridge Piercing, Cheek Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Third Eye Piercing, Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing, Nose Piercing, etc…

The total cost of such bizarre holes is about $ 90. Although it may seem curious to see why anyone would pierce their entire face, millions of people do so because they want to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Due to the excessive amount of piercings that cover the entire face, these are one of the weirdest piercings you should know about.

The whole face piercing procedure is made up of different components. Therefore, this procedure involves piercing the nose and then piercing the dimples separately. It is important to make sure that you thoroughly research all the processes involved in obtaining this strange hole. In addition, make sure you have your face pierced by professional piercings to make sure the procedure is smooth and risk-free.

Usually, the healing time for all these weird facial piercings is about 4 to 5 months. So you should make sure that you do not change your holes before that time. In addition, be very careful when bathing to make sure your pores are not damaged and to reduce your risk of infection.

Weird Piercing the Tongue

Although very popular in the world today, tongue piercing is a strange hole that you should be aware of. There are two types of tongue piercing, the first is the one-sided tongue piercing that occurs around the center of the tongue. The second type is more common and is called midline tong piercing. This strange hole is located in the middle of the tongue.

Although due to the extreme location of the weird piercings, it seems that the piercing will be very painful but it is not. The process is quite straightforward and with professional drilling, it gets completed quickly. During this process, you will have only a small pinch of pain and that’s it.

The biggest problem with a tongue piercing is when it heals. Due to its highly perforated location, a lot of effort is required to ensure that the tongue is properly fixed. You can’t live without using your language for just one day.

From tasting food to talking, it is an essential part of daily life, so frequent movement can cause swelling in your tongue.

However, tongue weird piercings can be cured in just 6 weeks. In addition, with proper care, such as rinsing your mouth with saltwater, you can ensure that your tongue heals quickly. Together with this, by avoiding soft foods and alcohol at the beginning of the healing process, you can ensure that the healing process progresses smoothly. Weak-hearted people should refrain from doing such things as it has some disadvantages

A swollen tongue can make it difficult for you to breathe. In some people with heart disease, bacteria can cause a condition that can damage your heart valves. Weird piercings on the tongue can also put you at risk of bleeding. There are too many blood vessels in your area.

Straight lip piercing

Most lip piercings are estimated to take between 1 and 3 months to heal. However, if the piercing is not taken care of properly, there is a possibility of serious infection. Once cured, other jewelry can be used. After this time, some scar tissue may be present, but the fistula is usually fully formed and mostly heals. Subsequent care involves taking warm snacks two to three times daily. Soaking the wound with a weak saline solution for three to five minutes softens any bleeding and lymph discharge associated with the jewelry.

Afterward, take a warm shower and use a clean hand and a small amount of mild soap such as Castile soap to remove excess material from the site. It is not recommended to bend or otherwise move the jewelry after a fresh piercing, as it can irritate and prolong the swelling and healing time. A dilute mouthwash or saline solution after brushing your teeth after meals can also be used to help remove debris and clear piercings, as practitioners recommend.

Eyes are very popular and relatively common. However, closed lips are still prohibited. This shape (which involves piercing and widening the skin under the lips into an open hole) can be extremely unsafe for your teeth and mouth.

Because of the extreme perforation location, straight lip piercings are weird holes that you should be aware of. These strange holes are two uninterrupted punctures on the lips with jewels attached to their heads. Usually, it occurs on the lower lip due to its thickness.

As you may have guessed, the process of getting these weird holes is quite complicated. First, the piercer marks the area of ​​the piercing on your lips. The location of the piercing depends on the customer’s choice. It can occur either in the center or around the lips.

Later, your lips are clamped and then the enlarged lip tissue is punctured with a needle piercing.

As it is being done, you will experience sudden pain. After that, it is placed inside the lip again through the puncture holes. At the end of the process, you can see two small balls adorning your lips.

Due to the highly perforated area, this awkward piercing is a somewhat moderately painful process but the level of pain depends on many factors. These factors include the thickness of your lips, how sensitive your lips are, and how fast your lips puncture. Many people believe that a straight lip piercing is less painful than a nose piercing.

The healing time in these strange holes is about 8 weeks. During the early stages of healing, it is normal for the piercing to produce white fluid, so don’t worry. However, in some cases, there may be a sore or swelling in the lip that may cause pain, but it heals as the healing progresses.

The only thing you should really be concerned about is the yellow pus coming out of the wound. This means that your lip is affected and you should contact your piercer immediately.

You should use sea salt to speed up the healing process. Also, make sure you wash your wound gently with clean fingers only. Clean the piercer daily and remove jewelry only when you are sure the hole is healed. In addition, do not disturb the piercing area.

Piercings That Occur Along the Length of the Nose

A nostril piercing is a rare body piercing placement just at the end of the nose bridge. The nostrils widen up into this area, where the nostril piercing is pierced. It generally only costs $50-100 and is made easy by the fact that there are two open wounds to pass through, one side of which then has a barbell put in so both sides seem to like each other, although usually, you can tell by just looking straight down and seeing the jewelry. You can also take a look at your nasal cavity and see it if you would like, but that extra detail might increase the risk of infection or risks being able to help your breathing long term.

However, these weird holes are not for everyone. This piercing is more painful than other nasal piercings. Therefore, only those who have strong nasal tissues should make this strange hole.

In addition, the highly perforated area requires care for piercing. The normal healing time for these strange piercings varies from 3 months to about 9 months in some cases. During the healing period, make sure to wash the piercing area regularly with clean water and do not disturb the perforated area. Do not touch the hole with dirty fingers and do not let anyone else touch it.

The Corset Hole is Located at the Back

Corset piercing is a form of body modification that makes use of multiple piercings to create a lacing design on the back. It is quite difficult and challenging especially because the procedure is risky because it has two sets of piercings through which jewelry is installed.

The total cost of a corset piercing is 150 $ -650. Although corset piercing is done on the surface of the skin, it is quite a painful process for the person going through it as it consists of multiple piercings and it is an open one. There is a wound.

With proper care, the hole takes about 6-8 weeks to heal.

Gauged Lip Piercings

It is really popular with people who like to modify their bodies. This piercing is done on the lips with a thick stick, while the piercing is done mostly on the surface of the skin, but not in gauge piercing.

In it, the piercer will mark the position on your upper lip and lower lip. After that, he will pierce the lips gently and quickly with a needle to reduce the pain. It is advisable to visit a certified professional driller whose shop is regularly inspected. Then, the piercer will gently remove the needle and place the jewelry inside the pierced lip. Total costs go up to 150. It will hurt but will be tolerated, the process will be faster and smoother so it will be less painful.

It will take about 6-8 weeks, depending on how well you take care of it, it may take more or less time to heal.


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