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Do you really need a specialist lawyer for a holiday accident? | 2022

Vacation planning is an exciting time, especially if we plan to visit a country we haven’t visited before. What a wonderful moment that is, all kinds of things are possible. New places will welcome you at every turn, new culture new people come with so much energy and color that it becomes difficult to embrace it all. With each meal, new foods will be enjoyed. There are things you will usually not find time to enjoy – a moonlit walk on the beach, a relaxing day by the pool, karaoke!

So you book your flights and your hotel, you pay all the necessary disbursements, such as insurance, albeit a little begrudgingly because you’re unlikely to ever need it, and pretty much go back to daydreaming about the sun-drenched beaches and foreign waiters (or waitresses).

But as some have discovered, the holidays are not always planned. Accidents, illnesses, and injuries can happen as easily as at home. A heartbreaking accident awaits a person all the time – in fact, possibly even more so because you have less knowledge, you often drink too much alcohol while huddled in such comfortable conditions.

If you have unforeseen circumstances while on vacation, you have your travel insurance in addition to the basic hospital expenses as well as an advance to transport you home and possibly to pay for your trip. Depending on the degree of insurance. However, what is not covered is compensation.

There are lawyers that will specifically deal with holiday accident claims, but why would you need one? Barely a week goes by where we don’t see a British national who has lost their life in a freak accident whilst overseas on holiday. This is obviously complete devastation for the families concerned.

Holiday accidents recently in the news have covered a man from the UK who was attending a wedding on the Greek Island of Rhodes when he fell from a balcony and died. Another balcony fall claimed the life of a sixteen-year-old British boy in Spain and one pregnant woman was allegedly pushed from a balcony by her boyfriend. On impact, she became impaled on a spike. This cost her the life of her unborn baby and very nearly her own life too.

All the people that have had the misfortune of these holiday accidents have left families behind who deserve some sort of compensation, particularly if a third party were at fault. This is not simply a financial gain. Many people use a holiday accident compensation lawyer as a way of feeling that the death of a loved one wasn’t in vain. It often leads to the responsible parties and any onlookers being more careful in the future and learning lessons that will prevent others from losing their lives. It’s not always about holding someone up as being responsible but more about future prevention.

However, trying to assess responsibility when the incident occurred in a foreign country can be extremely difficult, which is exactly why a specialist is called for. Foreign countries have different laws and the public are often restricted as to what information they are allowed access to. This can be very frustrating for the average layman who cannot get past the red tape.

It is also important to understand the language and medical terminology that will come from any reports following the accident, illness, or death that has occurred. This can mean the difference between winning or losing a case and at least seeing some sort of recompense for your loss knowing that it won’t have been in vain.

Insurance expert Catherine Harvey looks at why you would need a specialist lawyer if you, or a member of your family, suffered a holiday accident causing injury or death.


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