Cooku with Comali Season 3 in 2022

Cooku with Comali Season 3 in 2022

Cooku with Comali (often referred to as CWC) is a Tamil-language comedy show where the participants wake up on weekdays and get the surprise of their lives when they venture into the kitchen to learn new recipes. The show stars amateur cooks who are occasionally comics and are paired off with various contestants, while they’re judged by varying celebrity chefs once their creations are washed down.

The show was constantly being mentioned in the media as a favorite for people who like to watch a revolutionary and front-runner of culinary shows. The show is made by a YouTube channel named ICCC Kannada published officially on November 16. Throughout the week, two popular chefs along with their assistants constantly keep a close eye on their students and challenge them with all kinds of meals so that they could get a better understanding of their potential if any. The show’s popularity rose rapidly among several people in India.

Cooku With Comali Season 3 Release Date

The show premiered on January 22, 2022. Chef Venkatesh Bhat and Chef Damodharan (aka Samu) will serve as judges for the third season.

Cooku With Comali Season 3 Participants

  • Roshini Haripriyan
  • Anthony Daasan
  • Manobala
  • Vidyullekha Raman
  • Santhosh Prathap
  • Shrutika Arjun
  • Grace Karunas
  • Ammu Abirami
  • Dharshan
  • Rahul Thatha

In addition, Comalis is listed here:

  • Pugazh
  • Bala
  • Sivaangi Krishnakumar
  • Sunitha Gogoi
  • Manimegalai
  • Sakthi Raj
  • Mohamed Kuraishi
  • Adhirchi Arun
  • Mookuthi Murugan
  • Bharat K Rajesh
  • Sheethal Clarin

What Was The Reception Of Cooku With Comali?

The show was so popular that you could watch it on your internet-enabled television, and many people did – including me. I had to Google search how to connect my Smart TV to the internet, but once it was all connected, I waited impatiently for the show to start. I don’t want to brag or anything but it took almost three years until the first season of the show eventually aired in India! The first season wasn’t available anywhere online until later that year either; you had to wait for physical copies – remember those days?… It was released by Raj TV Productions and Hotstar, which is a streaming platform that continues to be very popular in Tamil Nadu as well as other states across India.

That’s all about Cooku with Comali! Wait, what was that about season three? Stay tuned for more updates and bookmark our site for the latest news! We appreciate you taking the time to read.


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