Common Headache Types 2021

Common Headache Types 2021

Headaches are the worst. They can interfere with our lives, relationships and workday so it’s important to know what you can do about them. Everyone gets headaches – that’s pretty much a given! The most common forms of headache but there are others that one might not be as familiar with like meningitis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain tumors or even Chiari malformation.

These types of headaches come on quickly; though they’re often related to another cause (like infection). Migraines, tension-type headaches and sinus headaches are the most common kinds of non cutaneous active headaches like like cervical headaches, temporal mandibular joint (tmj), cluster and dangerous headaches.


A typical tension, is caused by postural problems in the upper spine. This kind of pain can occur at the base of the skull and move further up to behind the eyes.

The most common causes include poor sleep habits, forward head posture, poor pillow support, strain from excessive computer work or eye strain and imbalance in the neck muscles. The majority of pain suffered are tension . Chiropractic adjustments can help to correct these musculoskeletal changes!

These are a cause of facial pain that chiefly affect people 15 to 35. These attacks, also known as pain behind the jaw” can last from a few hours to several days and tend to recur over time. The signs of a TMJ \ include:


Sometimes our neck can cause us a lot of pain as it is the center of the body. When the neck gets tense, it can cause a severe pain Most of these cause from the neck area and slowly start to work their way up to the top of your head. These occur most frequently in women and those who have experienced whiplash or a concussion in the past

The most common reason for a cervica pain is due to problems with one’s facet joint which causes many different ailments such as muscle spasms, pain, and also issues with your nervous system which causes much more severe pain .We like to believe that through physical therapy we can help patients deal with these issues to become healthier overall.


These are one of the most common head pains, and they are easy to treat because there are many reasons for them. The three main causes that can be treated include allergies, inflamed or blocked sinus cavity, and viral or bacterial infection.

Sometimes the pain will feel like congestion in your nose with continuous flow or blockage. Make sure to always check for bacterial infection first when it comes to treating sinus headaches, as this is often the case for patients who suffer from acute sinusitis.

Pain located in the face could also stem from problems with teeth, gums, jaw joints or bite which are all connected to the trigeminal nerve. It’s important not to brush it off too quickly! Approximately 20 percent of neck and head pain is due to referred neck pain.

Referred neck pain most prevalent with migraines and tension type headaches.
A bilateral headache and a history of neck stiffness and/or neurovascular symptoms adds to the likelihood that neck pain be the cause. Cervical spine disorder is often suspected when certain neck movements exacerbate headache or vice versa, but usually both conditions coexist. It referable to neck problems show the following patterns:


Migraine headaches are acommon cause of recurrent moderate to severe headache. They may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound, and can last from four hours to three days.

Often they will begin on one side of the head but can spread to both sides. Migraines may be preceded by an aura, which is experienced as a disruption in vision, sensation or other part of the nervous system that alerts one that a migraine is coming on.

The classic migraine symptom however is often that of pain on one side of the head which spreads across to other parts at some point during the onset.

Avoiding alcohol and foods high in nitrates like ham, bacon, and smoked meats can help prevent migraine attacks. Some people with migraines respond better to caffeine than others. For this reason, some people become entirely dependent on caffeine to just get by.

This is something that you’ll want to be careful of not abusing so as not to cause yourself or your loved ones any more pain than necessary.

As an entrepreneur of your own business who happens to have migraine headaches, you may find it beneficial to try acupuncture, medication, nutritional changes and exercise as potential remedies for the headaches one gets when too stressed out about which of their business ideas are panning out or not. You might discover that some options work better for you then others.


There are several sources of headache pain. One type is caused by bleeding in the brain, called an epidural hematoma. This is common after trauma to the head. A subdural hematoma bleeding occurs usually spontaneously due to ruptured blood vessels in the brain. Described as incredibly sharp pain in the head for no reason at all just like a knife in your head which can go on for months.
Painful swelling around the temple, possibly down one side of your face can be Temporal Arteritis which is inflammation of the temporal artery at the side of your head.

If you have severe, acute pain behind one or both eyes along with increased pressure inside the eye itself it may be an Acute Glaucoma attack. This is a medical emergency and should not be taken lightly!
All of these are medical emergencies and should be treated as such. Pain that wakes you up from a deep sleep is something to take seriously as it may be a sign of a previously existing cancerous tumor. In this respect, it is important for one to seek evaluation from an emergency medical center as soon as possible.

In addition, headache with numbness or weakness for one side of the body is a significant indicator that stoke has occurred or is attempting to occur. Trouble speaking or smiling, facial droop, dizziness, double vision and loss of consciousness should also be dealt with immediately through emergency medical attention.

Further still, any sudden pain in the head for no apparent reason should be treated immediately so lives can continue to flourish unbothered by potential fatal conditions such as brain tumor.


Our clinic offers several different types of treatments for headaches. These treatments include acupuncture, spinal muscle therapy, activator methods, medication that helps with anti-inflammation and migraines, exercises, several types of adjustments (manipulation), and diet / nutritional advise.

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