Top Best Advice About Business Matchmaking 2021

Top Best Advice About Business Matchmaking 2021

Business Matchmaking is the name of the game when it comes to organizing events specifically in the B2B sector. This is a great way to find business partners with a proven track record in organizing successful trade shows by top companies.

Although planning and running can be challenging, over time it has been shown that the productivity of this method of matchmaking is huge when it comes to building professional relationships.

As an event organizer, you need to consider all aspects of this process when you arrange for your thematic exhibitions or networking activities to expose partners or lead generation prospects toward common goals.
Unfortunately, people rarely come to these trade shows without finding the specific type of company they are interested in – so don’t expect a big miracle.

B2B matchmaking is different from B2C matchmaking because as an event planner it’s important to be clear about what you’re promoting. You need to make sure your event is organized and everything runs smoothly the entire time. Your business should be able to communicate transparently and clearly with potential clients and allow both parties to make an informed decision before making an agreement.

Here are a few things we’ve learned as business owners — don’t trust people who seem too eager or pushy, remain personal rather than commercial in your approach, and confirm that businesses have verifiable contact information instead of just email addresses that could be fake.
If possible, speak with several people from a prospective partner’s team so you can get a good idea of their company culture and what they’re all about!

Principles of Business Matchmaking

As program organizers, it’s important to follow the rules of punctuality. Make sure to arrive at all meetings on time and make the best use of every moment. Divide the meetings into 20-minute slots for each business matchmaking session, noting how they plan to use your services or product in their future marketing strategies or endeavors.

Having generated publicity material about their services or product, ensure that all attendees are fully prepared for the business matchmaking sessions through their company posters and brochures.

And as participants, business match-making sessions should only take place with the permission of both parties, after which both parties advertise themselves so that they can better prepare, but also about themselves before entering into any agreement with others. I am also aware of the public reaction.

It’s not uncommon for people to rely on their social circle when it comes time to recruit new team members. It can do wonders when one is trying to fill positions in the company, especially when you’ve already worked with someone before or feel particularly close to them.

But there are also instances when hiring through usual channels just isn’t good enough anymore, and that’s where recruitment agencies come in handy.

While the focus is usually on finding senior employees who are reluctant to change jobs or may find it difficult to find, these companies can also help companies find fresh blood in areas where they can. Can’t reach otherwise.

It’s important to keep in touch and we recommend doing so via social media or networking websites. When you meet someone at an event, ensure that you exchange contact information with them and will arrange a time after the event to continue your conversation.

That way it’s more likely that you’ll stay in contact than if either of you just disappears for a while. Make sure that follow-ups take place just as they should before the next is due.

After the trade show, don’t forget to follow up on any leads and arrange future meetings or conference calls between all parties were needed before or after completing negotiations.

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