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7 Tips for Quitting Smoking

Smokers are not dumb, far from that. They are creative, intelligent and invariably end up making a conscious decision to smoke. They know that smoking is the leading cause of death in America.

They also understand that smoking drastically catapults the jeopardy of a range of health problems like heart attack, lung cancer, tumors, hypertension and just about every bad situation.

Furthermore, smokers are also cognizant of the fact that cigarettes don’t come cheap. In fact, the financial repercussions of smoking are anything but negligible. Assuming that a smoker buys just one pack of cigarettes (which is highly unlikely as chain smokers easily smoke up to 3-4 packs a day), their yearly expenses would stand at a whopping $3,650.

Smoking can ruin careers, relationships and one’s self image. Now the million dollar question is: if smoking causes so many unpleasant situations, why don’t smokers stop smoking? After all, it is no rocket science that there is hardly anything positive coming out of this dastardly habit, beat depression and other than a few elusive moments of peace at best.

The answer is equally simple: Because of nicotine content in cigarettes, which is highly Nicotine patch and gum works on some key areas of the brain and provides psychological respite to those who are unable to find solace in any other remedy, mainly due to their own weakness of mind.

This is the reason why there are countless new methods, tips for quitting smoking, tools,, and programs to quit smoking, some of which are not scientifically based. With each passing month, there is more research indicating immediate health benefits of quitting smoking.

The good news though, is that the habit of smoking can definitely be overcome using these seven steps!

Make a list of motivations: Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and write them on one side; on the other side make a list of all things you detest, for example, how it can ruin your work, health, family, etc..

Ponder over the list carefully and make practical changes. Don’t forget to get feedback from family about your smoking habit. When the negative side outweighs the positive side, things can change quickly.

Set a quit date and write a “quit date contract” that includes your signature and that of a supportive witness.

Write all your reasons for quitting on an index card and keep it near you at all times. Whenever you find yourself getting casual or lax, re-read the card.

Stop buying many packs of cigarettes. Just purchase one pack at a time and carry 2-3 (max) at a time (you can also put them in an Altoids tin). You’ll soon find that when you are craving a cigarette, smoke, you simply don’t have any. Do this for some time and your habit would soon be weaned off!

Do different things. There are a thousand other interesting (even thrilling) alternatives you can indulge into, only if you would take a few deep breaths and stop thinking about smoking. These include walking, gulping water, kissing, embracing, running, playing, watching TV, chewing gum,eating mood lifter foods, bathing, brushing, napping, drinking your favourite beverage, lighting a candle, browsing… the list goes on

Keep making copies of this list and keep them with you all the time including quit smoking cessation timeline. As soon as you find yourself craving for hits, take it out in a hurry and read it to explore other ideas and learn how to quit smoking cigarettes naturally.

Explore herbal teas or other things. That might be at breakfast, noon or after your meals. Merely tea brewing and sipping slowly can make you nearly as good as you do while inhaling nicotine.

Be strong when the date arrives. This includes removing all smoking items like matches, leftover cigarettes, lighters, cigarette holders, ashtrays and lighter.

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